Friendship Worship U.F.B.C.


Our Mission

To celebrate one Lord, one faith, and one baptism in the person of Jesus the Christ. We focus on the total person by teaching biblical principles that empower Christians in their daily walk with Christ as they nurture their family.

Our Vision

To Establish the Kingdom of God upon the earth through our daily witness of Christ Jesus.

To Empower believers for evangelism by nurturing of their spiritual gifts.

To Build healthy families by sharing God’s plan for wholeness through worship, social activities and personal down time.

To Effect our communities through our Christian witness by bridging the gap that separate us.

To Provide a community base that prepares leaders to become agents of change.

Our Place of Worship


Our History

In 1942 a group of women from the Mount Vernon Community led by Mother Lillian Davis, an active missionary, began a Freewill Baptist Mission work. For two years these women shared in their homes the message and work of Christ. In 1944, the officials of the Freewill Baptist Conference came and officially organized the St. Paul Freewill Baptist Church of Mount Vernon, New York. Around the late 40s the church was renamed Little Friendship United American Freewill Baptist Church. In 1950, Little Friendship became incorporated in the State of New York. During those early stages of the church development many different ministers and layperson held the church together.

This was done under the supervision of the late Rev. N.E. Sharp Moderator of the Northern Annual Conference of the United American Freewill Baptist Church. The first elected pastor of this church was the late Rev. B.T. Johnson who led the church from 1948-1956. During his tenure Little Friendship purchased it’s church building at 358 South Ninth Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York. The successions of Pastors were Rev. S.H. Wylie 1956-1957, Rev. H. Miller 1957-1958, Rev. O. E. Davis 1958-1959, Rev. Otis Park 1959-1983, Rev. Joe L. Brown 1983-1988, and Elder C. Nathan Edwers 1988 - present. In 1997, the church name was changed and Corporation papers were amended to Friendship Unified Freewill Baptist Church of Mount Vernon, New York.

Under the leadership of Pastor Edwers many new programs were established. The Layman s Institute, the Logos (word) ministry, which was broadcast live from the sanctuary every Sunday morning from 11:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon on Radio Station WRTN 93.5 FM. This ministry lasted for 4 ½ years. Our last broadcast was August 1993. Many new ministries have been established because of his great leadership. Due to an expansion and betterment of the church, over $200,000 has been done in renovations since 1989. In April of 1996, a ten-year Mortgage commitment was paid off in seven-years to North Fork Bank in Mount Vernon, New York. In August 1998 Pastor C. Nathan Edwers was led by the Lord to move Friendship Unified Freewill Baptist Church into $1.3 million edifice located at 261 East Lincoln Avenue in Mount Vernon at present. The church seating capacity is 1200.

In September 1998 Pastor Edwers was moved by the Holy Ghost to rename our church to Friendship Worship Center, The Family Center. In March 20, 1999 Pastor Edwers was consecrated as a Bishop in the Lord s church. Through the years the Lord has blessed this ministry to birth pastors, ministers and churches throughout the metropolitan area. Friendship Worship Center is now on the cutting edge of the 21st Century. It is an active member of the Body of Christ and has continued its affiliation with the Free Will Baptist FAITH.

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