FWC church leadership is built on the concept of team workers. We here at FWC is a team engaged in the mandates of the great commission. Our Senior Pastor Dr. C. Nathan Edwers and his assistant Lady Aro Denise Edwers is a married couple that demonstrate partnership, and works to mobilize the entire ministry team. Laity and the professional church leadership staff is taught to work as a team in managing the affairs of FWC. This is accomplished by Bishop’s formula which consist of; commitment, loyalty, bonding and transparency. We are delighted to serve each of you in the spirit of servanthood. Please feel free to the church office 1-914 668-1210 for any assistance.

First Lady Denise Edwers

Eric Edwers

Missionary Mary Holmes

Jacqueline Richardson

Audrey Thomas

Elder Pauline Gregory

Elder Juanita Williams

Deacon Samuel Jennings

Mother Mary Hall

Sister Ann Paterson

Javon France

Leonard Gresham

Melvin Hyman

Mark Q. Murray

Sharon Bankhead

Stacey Johnson