In your hour of loss, we would like to express our deep and heartfelt sympathy in your hour of bereavement and would like you to know that our prayers are with you at this hour.


crossA funeral service at Friendship Worship Center is a celebration of life.

The funeral is God’s way of bringing comfort to the hearts of those who mourn as scripture is read, prayer is offered, praises are sung, grief is expressed, the gospel is preached, remembrance is cherished; and it is an occasion in which we, by the grace of God, bless the name of the One who gives and takes away. The presence of family and friends around at this time serves to support and strengthen those who sorrow. The funeral gives thanks for life and lifts meaningful memories of lost loved ones helping us learn vital lessons from it.

Thus, in the funeral service, we gather primarily to worship God and confess our faith in a living Savior. Though we mourn our loss and remember our loved one, our focus is fixed on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.



When You Find Out

Please have a member of your family call the church office at (914) 668-1210 so that we may pray with your family and be a source of support during this difficult time.


  • Assemble personal information for obituary
  • Choose a funeral home

Funeral Home Services

  • Choose burial or cremation arrangements
  • Choose family viewing or visitation
  • Choose a floral arrangement
  • Choose transportation arrangements

Celebration Services

  • Contact Friendship Worship Center to notify the office staff and to schedule time and date for the service
  • Meet with Church Clerk to assemble personal information, compose obituary, and organize details of service.
  • Choose a floral arrangement
  • Arrange location and food for the reception