The Power of Determination

The Power of Determination: Wow! you Can Do It! is a practical guide to remove any hindrances or challenges that stop one from having a mindset and attitude of determination. Eleven power points to bring about, view to go beyond the challenges of the moment in order to reach the triumph of the present. The power points are not merely a presentation of ideas presented to you by way of computer software but a proven workable empowerment. We must become empowered to do the work we are called to do. Most people do not understand that success is not merely based on skill or ability. There are many people that we have met who are skilled and have great abilities but are failures. Why, because they lack the spirit of determination. Our determination is born out of our desire and faith to believe in something and pursue it with all our heart.



Operation Faith: Living on the Edge

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that you were about to go over? You were right on the edge; and you wondered where was God? To your surprise, God was right there and He became your safety net. This book, “Living on the Edge-Operation Faith,” is about learning the secrets of how to receive the supernatural abundance through our faith in God. Faith does work and our faith will produce results from God. This is a must read for those who are ready to take a leap into God’s resources.



cdCoverLord I Want To Live For Thee

For the past forty years the Middle Atlantic Conference has stood strong. This recording celebrates the lives of our fore-parents who built the foundation for this present generation. We stand on their shoulders and we treasure the legacy they entrusted in our care. We dedicate this recording to their memory and salute our former leaders and worshipers who now live in the silent city.