Senior Pastor

Collie Nathan Edwers was born in Newark, New Jersey to the union of Bishop Collie Edwers and the late Mother Dorothy Edwers. He is the third child born to this family of seven. Affectionately known as Nathan, he was reared in the quiet suburban community of North Edison, New Jersey. He was educated in the Edison High School system until his parents relocated to Metuchen, New Jersey during his junior year of High School. It was during this time of his adolescent years that Nathan felt and responded to the call of God on his life. At the age of sixteen, Nathan preached His initial sermon at St. Mark U.F.W. Baptist Church, the same church where his father baptized him.

Upon High School graduation, Nathan continued his education through the encouragement of his parents. Nathan was directed to pursue his undergraduate education at Northeastern Bible College in Essex Falls, New Jersey. During his senior year of study, Nathan was approached by the officers of Calvary U.F.W. Baptist Church to serve as their next Pastor. In May of 1983, Nathan was elected as their Pastor and assumed that responsibility on the Fifth Sunday. During this time Nathan decided against the advice of his father, to discontinue his education at Northeastern Bible College in order to move full attention to the Church. During his six years tenure as Pastor, Nathan was very fortunate to meet his darling wife, Aro Denise Harper. Out of this union were born two, children, Eric and Sherri. Both of his children are adults and are successful in their life choice career.

In January 1989, Nathan, Denise Sherri and answered the call as the First Family of Little Friendship Unified Free Will Baptist Church. During his ministry at Friendship Church, the Lord added to his family his son" Eric Nathan Edwers. Nathan decided that it was important for him to complete his undergraduate education so he enrolled in Nyack College Nyack, New York. Nathan, completed his studies in April 1991 with a Bachelor of Science Degree. After the completion of his undergraduate education, Nathan started his graduate studies at Alliance Theological Seminary, Nyack, New York. In May 1993 Nathan completed the required courses for graduation and was conferred the Masters Degree. Because of his warm and charming personality, Nathan was asked by the Alliance Theological Seminary Administrator to lend his experience in building a network of churches for the recruitment of the next generation of church leaders.

From May 1993 until May 1996 Pastor Edwers function as Assistant Director of Admission at ATS. Under the leadership of Pastor Edwers many new ministries were established. The Layman's Institute, the Logos (word) ministry, which was broadcast live from the sanctuary every Sunday morning from 11:00 a.m. until12:00 noon on Radio Station WRTN 93.5 FM., This ministry lasted for 4 ½ years. Our last broadcast was ended in August of 1993. Many new ministries have been established because of his great leadership. Due to an expansion and betterment of the church, over $200,000 was done in renovations on our old location. In April of 1996, a ten-year Mortgage commitment on our old location 358 South 9th Avenue was paid off in seven-years to North Fork Bank in Mount Vernon, New York.

In October of 1997, Pastor Edwers began the process to acquire Temple Emanuel Jewish Center in Mount Vernon, which was up for sale. In January 1998 the church agreed to modify its name by removing the word "little" from its former name known as "Little Friendship Unified Free Will Baptist Church".

Bishop Edwers led the church into a $1.3 million dollar relocation expansion program. Hallelujah, God Did It! On August 16, 1998 he marched the "Friendship Unified Free Will Baptist Church" and hundreds of friends into our new home: In 

September of 1998 was led of the Lord to modify the church name by naming the new location as "Friendship Worship Center”. During the past six years at this present location over $500.000 of renovation has been completed. Our second Mortgage was paid in full within three years and we have reduced the debt on the first mortgage. Over the course several years Bishop Edwers has led FWC in extensive remodaling of the present location in the excess of one million dollar with no outstanding debt. On Saturday, March 20, 1999 Bishop Collie Edwers conferred upon his son C. Nathan Edwers the sacred office of Bishop. On Sunday, April 29, 2001 the Lord Jesus Christ called home Senior Bishop Collie Edwers. At the time of his death the Middle Atlantic Annual Conference was without a leader.

On Saturday, August 18, 2001 an Episcopal election was held and after the votes were counted the result of the election were declared by the General Bishop Jonathan Powell. The members of the Middle Atlantic Annual Conference of the Unified Freewill Baptist Church affirmed Bishop C. Nathan Edwers as the next Presiding Bishop. This event was a milestone in Bishop C. Nathan Edwers because he succeeds his father who held this post for the past twenty-nine years. In September 2002 Bishop C. Nathan Edwers was elected as the Second Vice-General Bishop of the Unified Freewill Baptist Church. May 2002 Bishop C. Nathan Edwers was called to Pastor the Mount Zion Unified Freewill Baptist Church Edison, New Jersey his childhood church and the first church his father Pastor when he and his mother arrived in New Jersey. Another milestone in the life our Bishop C. Nathan Edwers was August 2003 it was the release of his first book entitles “LIVING ON THE EDGE OPERATION”. July 2008 Bishop C. Nathan Edwers release his second book entitles “THE POWER OF DETERMINATION, WOW, YOU CAN DO IT! Bishop Edwers continues to be a man of God on the cutting edge. Bishop Edwers began his television ministry “Herald the Word” on WRNN in July 2005 airing every Saturday morning at 6:30 am until May 2009.  In 2009 Bishop Edwers enrolled in Doctoral Studies at United Theological Seminary Dayton, Ohio. He completed his studies in December 2011 and was conferred the Doctor of Ministry Degree "Rev. Dr. Gardner Calvin Taylor Fellower", focus on Church Administration. Another milestone in the life of Bishop Edwers was in May 2010 when he foundered and open the doors of Friendship For Tots, Inc. Early Childhood Learning Center.


  • Current member; Present President United Black Clergy of Westchester
  • Founding member of Save Our Seed, Gospel in the Park; since July 1993
  • Member of Mount Vernon Kiwanis Club; joined 1992
  • Former member of Mount Vernon Hospital Advisory Board; 1991 – 93
  • Former Police Chaplain City of Mt Vernon (Mayor Blackwood Admin.); '93–96
  • Member of National Action Network, NYC
  • Mount Vernon independent Clergy group; July 2007
  • First Vice President United Black Clergy of Westchester; January 2008
  • Master Mason third degree Prince Hall Grand Lodge New York; Raised May 2008
  • Initiated November 2011 into Omaga Psi Phil Inc. Omicron Iota Chapter
  • President of Mt Vernon, NY Civil Service Commission; December 2008-2014
  • Elected President Of United Black Clergy of Westchester County; October 2012

He was selected by the officials from Barack Obama’s campaign to serve as an alternate delegate to the Democratic National Convention. He was selected June 2009 by the Mount Vernon Democratic Committee to run for unsuccessful bid for City Council.